Embodying One's True Potential

My name is River Kaila Mason, I am a Spiritual Awakening & Embodiment Coach for Women, Energy Healer, Intuitive, and Divinely Open Channel. I have had contact with passed on loved ones, Light Beings, and ETs my entire life.

My Mission is to help Spiritually Awakening Women release limiting beliefs, fast track their Spiritual Awakening, and Claim their Power as Multidimensional Creators so that they can create the reality of their dreams and SOAR!


"River is a wonderful medium. I was very surprised because the very first thing she said in our session was very, very specific to me. No vagueness here! River has a very pure heart and loving energy, which helps in connecting with her. I must say that I feel there is a very strong correlation between connecting with the medium and an accurate channeling session. I felt my session was very accurate and useful. I immediately began going within myself after the session to dive even deeper into the new levels of awareness. I highly recommend River. The mix of her beautiful heart and natural abilities is a recipe for miracles."

Melanie Bright


Multidimensional Woman Program

 - Release limiting beliefs,

- Fast track your Spiritual Awakening,

 - and Claim your Power as a Multidimensional Creator, 

so that you can create the reality of your dreams and SOAR!


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